• Every absent element has been pinpointed to a specific location on the map.
  • Click on one of these pinpoints to reveal a popup with information about the element. Find out about the absent element as well as other related information (such as the play it’s from, the location or region of the world the element is located, category or subcategory of absent elements it has been placed under, and other textual context).
  • If you wish to zoom into the location, click on the “Zoom to” button.
  • To return to the original frame of the map, click on the “Home” button situated to the top-left of the page or alternate between the “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” buttons to customize your extent.
  • In some instances, there is more than one absent element represented at a pinpoint. Click on the arrows situated on the top-right of the popup to see the other elements at that location.
  • To avoid losing the element among all the other pinpoints, you may add a marker to a location. Click on the three dots at the bottom-right of the popup and select the “Add a marker” option to highlight the element. You may do this with more than one element at a time.
  • The “Pan to” option shifts the view of the map more closely to the selected pinpoint.
  • For information about deciphering the popups, refer to the tutorial titled “Popups”.
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