• The icon with the clock is the Time Slider feature.
  • Clicking on the icon enables the feature and presents a chronological time lapse of all the absent elements in the order that their corresponding plays were written.
  • Once enabled, you can pause and play with the slider in various ways.
  • Drag the mouse to the little box with the time frame. Hovering over it will display the slider as well as buttons to pause and play, fast-forward and rewind, and alter the speed of the time lapse.
  • The default time frame is one year. Thus all elements from plays written within every year are displayed at a time.
  • To change the time frame, drag either end or both ends of the slider to your desired time frame. For example, a time frame of two years will display all elements from plays written within two years at a time.
  • The pause and play, fast-forward, and rewind buttons perform the functions you would expect them to.
  • By default, the time-lapse speed is set at 1x. You have options to increase or decrease this speed within the time slider box.
  • To close the Time Slider feature, click on the X of the box or on the icon with the clock.
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